Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) at University of Tasmania, Australia

These scholarships provide international students with a 25% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of the course. It is available to all bachelor degrees (except Medicine, Pharmacy and Psychology) including an Honours year and postgraduate by coursework degrees. The scholarship also extends to some of the university’s Foundation Studies programs, Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. The scholarship is for tuition fees only and is not transferrable to other costs such as living expenses.

Available to all international students who submit an application to study most courses at UTAS. Applicants are automatically assessed for this scholarship. Applicants can be awarded a TIS for all semester intakes. Selection for the Tasmanian International Scholarship will be based on high achievement in studies at secondary, diploma and degree level courses. Applicants will be notified in their Offer Packs whether they have been successful or not in being awarded a scholarship providing final results have been submitted.

Successful students will, in addition, receive a Scholarship Offer outlining the details of their TIS including conditions. Students should read their scholarship offer carefully. Please note that the International Office does not reassess students who were unsuccessful for a TIS based on their academic progress at UTAS.

On-going Eligibility
To retain this award, recipients are required to maintain satisfactory progress for the duration of the course they have been awarded the scholarship. To maintain satisfactory progress, students must not fail two (2) or more standard 12.5% units or one (1) 25% weighting unit over a one (1) year period. Students in receipt of this scholarship will have their results reviewed to determine on-going eligibility. This review will be conducted after students complete two (2) semesters (1 full academic year) of study, and then each subsequent semester. Only recipients whose on-going eligibility is unsuccessful will be notified by email. For further details, recipients should consult their Scholarship Offer.

25% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of the course.

As students are assessed automatically upon submission of their International Student Application Form, there is no need to apply separately, nor do recipients need to apply for on-going eligibility.

Enquiries should be directed to international.scholarships@utas.edu.au